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This is the second tribute to a departed furry friend that I’ve written in less than a month.  It’s also probably the most heartbreaking as well.

Roxy, the matriarch of our dog pack has passed on.  My wife and I had this dog longer than we’ve been married. After 12 short years, our baby dog is gone.

I’ll spare you the details, unlike Bailey, Roxy’s end was not entirely unexpected, but it was also much sooner than we anticipated.

In her old age, Roxy had become kind of grumpy and had mobility issues.  She just lost the spring her step used to have.  Though she still scared the shit out of the FedEx lady on a regular basis.  Glass doors can be entertaining.

Roxy was a unique dog in that she’s the only dog I’ve ever had from a pup that didn’t cause hundreds of dollars in damage.  In fact, she didn’t cause ANY damage, she never chewed anything as a pup.  I’ve not seen a dog like that since.

Before she aged into a cranky old dog lady, she was a sweet dog.  She was great with our kids when they came into this world.  She even put up with them as they aged into mischievous little cherubs. She put up with our labs when they were puppies (they definitely caused hundreds of dollars in damage.)

I have to say, at this point in writing this post, I’m kind of at a loss for what to say.  My wife and I made the decision to not put Roxy through more suffering than was necessary.  It was both the most difficult, and the most compassionate decision we could make.

Roxy was a unique character for sure.  We love our other dogs just as much, but I doubt I’ll ever see another dog quite like Roxy again.