today should have been a fab day.  It’s the first day of my two day stint of unemployment before I begin my new job at Automattic. I am writing this post pool side at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel during our family getaway weekend. I’ve had a couple of nice craft brews from the brewery next door. 

Hell the kids only tried to drown one another like twice. Everything should be great. But it’s not and I’m deeply sad as I write this 

What the kids don’t know is that the youngest member of our dog family didn’t go to the vet’s to be boarded this morning. He was put down this morning. 

The bitch of the whole situationt wasn’t that he was old (he just turned a year old).  He wasn’t sick. We had to put him down because he had dangerous aggressive tendencies.  

We took Bailey from an owner who had a little boy and said she couldn’t keep up with the dog and his high energy needs. 

It turns out there might have been other reasons. It started out with us thinking he may have had food aggression. He just didn’t play well with others at meal times. So we kept him separated during meals. He was after all a sweet doggie. 

Then there were little things that gave us pause. He’d randomly snap at tour other dogs.  Stuff like that.  He barked like a lunatic when the neighbors were near our fence. Annoying, but, not a huge deal. 

Well until the quirky behavior became more frequent. Then we found out he had bitten one of our neighbors.  They were cool about it, but we became deeply troubled.

We enrolled the dog in intensive training to get his behavior in check.  That worked for a couple weeks. He was a great student.

Then he bit the trainer.

She muzzled the dog and continued with the lesson.  During the next week the aggressive slips kept getting worse. He nearly bit my wife and father in law. My wife came back from the next training session in tears.  After talking with the trainer she pretty much accepted the inevitable.  It would only be a matter of time before a kid got hurt.

The dog had to be put down.  While I wasn’t part of the discussion, I had to agree. It broke my heart.  Bailey bonded the most with me.  He was so loyal and loving, but being responsible isn’t always rewarding.

So this morning, my wife had the unsavory task of taking the dog to the vet. Instead of boarding for the weekend, Bailey will never come home.

We are going to tell the kids when we get back home. We didn’t want to ruin the trip for them. So I can’t talk about it until then.  My heart is breaking.