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I’m still boycotting doing any serious blogging while I have a major project going on (I will share more on that in the future.)  But, I had an interesting experience while browsing for RVs with my wife yesterday.


Don’t ask me why I was doing that, this is totally her thing, I’m just going along with it because happy wife and all that.  Then again, it does seem like a fun idea to get away from the walls of the house.

Only, there’s one slight thing I didn’t expect.  All the TVs!  It makes sense to maybe have, like two of them, one in the living area one in the bedroom.

Class-A-RVs-Bunk-Beds-Windsport-34J-BunkhouseIt turns out, that is like the absolute minimum number of TVs you can get in an RV.  We were looking at class A and larger class C motorhomes. It’s more typical to find three or four TVs in those things.

Hell, in one of the floor plans we liked it had six.  Yes six, and no, I’m not counting the driver’s screen that shows the backup camera and GPS.

There were the living room and bedroom TVs, of course.  Then there was a little bunk area with two bunks, and each bunk had a TV in it.  Directly across from the bunk area was another set on the wall, just in case you didn’t like what was on your bunk TV I guess.

That makes five.  Number six?  That was located on the outside of the RV. Just in case you want to watch The Avengers when you’re enjoying the tranquility of nature.

The other thing is the outside TV is actually a very popular option for RVs. Even ones that don’t have bunk setups still have the outside TV as either a standard feature or an option.

I’m afraid I’m going to go broke just buying that many Rokus.