Image: Freedigitalphotos.net / Vlado

Image: Freedigitalphotos.net / Vlado

Ok, so I’ve kind of abandoned this humble blog about the mundanity of my life.  I’d say I was busy, but it’s more… well I just preferred to spend my time screwing around and watching Netflix (totally go binge watch Daredevil you guys!)

Truth be told my other blogs have also been lacking the attention they once received.  SKVW has been tanking for months now.  It’s sort of depressing really.  I keep plugging at it because it’s a bit of a labor of love in addition to generating (increasingly less) beer money.  Fishy Joe needs a new direction as well.  The deals site idea I started with fizzled.

While I wanted a site that was fairly low maintenance, that’s kind of boring.  I enjoyed writing the occasional article I put out there.  I think I might relaunch that some day and focus mostly on the articles.

But, now I actually am kind of busy.  I have a project I’m starting next week that will eat damn near 100% of my free time for at least the next month.  So I’m going to try to keep Steve Vape propped up with guest articles and try to crank out a review here and there.  The news site is easy enough to keep full of content since it’s mostly reblogging, but I’m also questioning the need for that site at all.

I almost thing another kind of medium may be appropriate for that, so maybe some reinvention will happen then.  After I finish my project that is.

Mostly I’m hoping to recapture some of that magic I felt when I started things. You know, so it’s fun again.