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Hi there!

Yes, I know I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I would like here on my personal blog.  So that means you don’t have much to read in that respect.  To keep you entertained and edified in between my missives, I wanted to share something.

It’s called Follow the Geeks.  It’s a book, or rather a book in progress.  The idea is that they’re going to publish a chapter of the book as it becomes available, online and for free.  That’s not too unusual.

What is weird is that they’ll be pulling down the previous chapter when they post the new one.  So you have to keep up with it, or just spring for the book later.

I read chapter two recently (having not heard about it in time to read chapter one.)  It’s a great long-form piece about Lisa Bettany, former ice skater, model, actress and one of the people behind one of the most popular iPhone apps ever, Camera+

It’s a fascinating look into the world of tech geeks, as well as an interesting human story.

Go read it now while it’s still there, you won’t be sorry.