I just got the call.  My work offices are closed.  It’s a snow day.


This is the fifth snow day in two weeks.  I worked one and a half days last week.  Today is Tuesday, and the first snow day of this week.

You’d think that would be a good thing.  Especially since we’re going a number of employee-unfriendly changes at the ol’ jobsite.

Maybe I even should have spent some time updating this blog, like I am today.

But no.  Sure, I spent some time outside playing in the snow with the kids.  That’s always fun until they disagree with you over time to come inside.  Apparently, a kid’s willpower is sufficient to stave off hypothermia.

Enough is enough.  Even the kids are starting to go stir crazy.  You can only freeze your but off so often, and only play so many hours of Minecraft.

Eventually, cabin fever sets in.  I’m this close to shooting six holes in my freezer just like that Jimmy Buffet song.