asleep at desk

Image via / David Castillo Dominici

My wife is out of the country, hanging out with her team in Barcelona (she has an awesome job I’m jelly of).  My mother in law took pity on me, and is keeping my daughter for the week so her and her brother won’t be trying to kill one another the whole time.

That leaves me with evenings that are much more open than I’m traditionally used to.  I figured, great, I can get ahead on articles for my main blog, clean out my car, do all the things I haven’t been able to yet.

Sunday and Monday started out good, I was going to be ahead on blog posts!  Then last night rolled around and I started on the next post.  This thing was going to work out great.

Then I decided that the post in question was going to be something short, around 500 words.  That’s damn near a Tweet by my standards.  So I figured I could slack off a little bit.  Play some Clash of Clans and call it an early night.

I did both those things, at least I tried.  Apparently the dogs are confused by going to bed early and kept barking.  I guess they wanted more play time.  So, I essentially ended up not going to bed early.

That leads to today (Tuesday). Got the kid off to bed, and even did some dishes.  I went to take pictures for said short blog post and realized I left part of the thing I need to photograph back at the office.

Well, of course now that means I just can’t write the post.  Because, reasons.  Shut up.

So, once again I’ll be plugging away tomorrow trying to finish a post a night before it’s scheduled to go live.  Somehow, still on the same schedule.

We are just creatures of habit I reckon.