It’s January 1st.  So you know what that means?  Yep an attempt at restarting blog posts.  For the first entry, I give you my obsession with trying to win free crap on Twitter.

Tons of blogs all over the place arrange giveaways for all sorts of products.Some are huge giveaways, others are obscure.  My theory is that if I enter enough of them, I’m bound to win something.

I picture myself like Lazlo from that 80’s movie Real Genius. Lazlo used a computer to send in entries for all kinds of contests.  Spoiler: at the end of the movie he amassed a ton of prizes including cars and everything else.

I’ve not had that much luck so far, but I did win a Chromebook the other day, which I should have early next week!

I’ll save my process for a later post, cause that’s just how I roll.